LED PAR / Uplighters Hire

LED PAR / Uplighters Hire

LED PAR lights are simple and effective fixtures which may be used or even called in different way depending on their purpose. From our experience they are one of the best ways of lifting the mood of every event. They are the perfect finishing touch to every space. They can be used to create a background atmosphere or using a sound active mode make the whole room dance to music. Our passion is transforming venues through creative use of sound and light. LED PAR lights which are used for up-lighting walls / pillars / ceilings are called uplighters. It's easy to remember and sounds exactly as it looks. Because our uplighters are LED they are far better than standard ones. They consume less power and do not heat up.

Uplighters can be used in many ways. They can be placed on the ground facing up, so the light is pushed upwards onto walls, ceilings, pillars or stairs. This type of light will work well as either a gentle main source of lighting or would complement another lighting. When placed under a glass display shelf or under architectural features, they really draw attention to their decorative appeal.

Depending on the result we want to achieve, uplighters might be set closer or further from each other for subtle or more intense effect. They can be set to any colour using RGB mixing method from red, blue and green, to white, purple, pink and yellow, even UV which makes bright things shine.

A benefit of this effect is that it helps to add a soft light around the room that goes together with your theme (very popular for weddings). LED PAR uplighters can be mounted on trusses or other stands to point in a certain direction. Mostly used by performers to light up their stage or as disco setup.

There are actually 3 modes uplighters can be set to:
- auto-mode - colour changes along with the sound
- steady - lights are set to one static colour
- manual - customized option that gives access to the controller where you can tweak the settings to create personalised programs. Uplighters can be used for lighting the stage or catwalk during the fashion show.

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LED PAR / Uplighter hire

A typical compact LED PAR device with a full RGBWAUV mixing capabilities. RGBWAUV stands for: red, green, blue, white, amber and ultra-violet, often called black light.

LED bar / Uplighter hire

Similar to LED PAR, wider version of LED fixture which allows to uplight walls in colours.

H2O projector hire

We also offer water flowing effects - LED devices that generate effects of coloured sunbeam under the water.

Application of mood lighting

Uplighters (LED bars).

Uplighters (LED PAR fixtures).

Uplighters (LED PAR fixtures).

Water flowing effect.


With a wide range of different options uplighters give capabilities are endless. Planning an event is difficult and choosing the right equipment not easy, but our experienced lighting engineers and dedicated sales team will help you from start to finish. We will ask questions and suggest solutions that guarantee a successful event. We do not just offer the best quality audio visual equipment in London, but we also have the most talented people to operate it for you. We deliver, install and when requested stay over for the time of event to look after the sound and lights. We want you to experience how lighting can change a boring space into something totally different. By creating the perfect atmosphere we want to make your event a success.

Uplighters are very popular for different occasions like: product launches, fashion shows, award ceremonies, exhibitions, concerts, fashions shows, weddings. Often used also in a theatre, church, nightclub, museum, gallery and many others.

If you are not sure what AV equipment for hire is best for you and how to use it to transform the venue upto your vision, feel free to contact us. Our sales team will suggest the best solution that suits your needs.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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