Stage Risers Hire

Stage Risers Hire

AV London as a leading company on top of AV equipment also offers a stage hire. Each element is 2x1 m (approx. 6,6 x 3,3 ft) and comes with few different leg heights..Risers are lightweight, but durable- high load capacity is 750 kg/m. Its waterproof top with anti- slip plywood finish and strong aluminium framework makes it universal and common to use either indoor or outdoor. Matching black carpet and skirting (different colours available on request) covering stage legs will add a finishing elegant touch. If you are looking for more than just an ordinary stage we can make it white glossy for you using HIPS, so the effect will be spectacular.

Stage really makes a difference allowing the performer to appear more visible for the audience. It is especially important when stage works as a platform for a band or orchestra. Stage also allows the audience to engage with the show.

Our risers are suitable for all kinds of events. They are often used for a conference, festival, gala award, fashion show, church and school events. Depending on the character of the event and the purpose of the stage, there might be a different configurations of the stage risers. AV London’s experienced team will make sure that the stage design cooperates with your branding and chosen theme. We are happy to organize on- site visit to ensure your ideas can be implemented.

Together with the stage we can build freestanding walls that can be used for displaying your business logo or company name. It will make it stand out and be impossible to miss. We also offer TV screens and LED screens for hire. Here is more about stage set design.

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Stage risers hire

Irreplaceable element of many events, especially with the audience involved. It simply helps the audience to engage and the performer to be properly seen. Each element is 2x1 m (approx. 6.6 x 3.3 ft) and contains 40 or 60 cm legs as standard, but can be also hired with different heights.

Stage skirting & accessories hire

Stage risers come with a customised skirting, carpet and step. We can also provide a backdrop to be used for displaying your company name and logo as well as large LED wall or projection screen.

Luxury Gloss Surface

Why not add a bit of luxury to the stage. We recommend icy-white and piano-black gloss surface covering for the best look. We may also supply different colours on demand. Please take a look on our recent projects below for better understanding.

Example combinations of stage risers

3 stage elements

3 x 2m = 6 sq m
9.84 x 6.56 ft = 64.58 sq ft

4 stage elements

4 x 2m = 8 sq m
13.12 x 6.56 ft = 86.11 sq ft

6 stage elements

6 x 2m = 12 sq m
19.68 x 6.56 ft = 129.17 sq ft

12 stage elements

8 x 3m = 24 sq m
26.25 x 9.84 ft = 258.33 sq ft

20 stage elements

8 x 5m = 40 sq m
26.25 x 16.40 ft = 430.55 sq ft

Catwalk 12 stage elements

2x (6 x 2) = 24 sq m
2x (19.68 x 6.56 ft)= 258.33 sq ft

Recent projects

BGK Bank conference

BGK Bank conference.

AV event.

Oral-B conference.

BGK Bank conference.

BGK Bank conference.

BGK Bank conference.

BGK Bank conference.


The stage will definitely contribute to the success of your either small or large event. To create a professional show it is important to maximize the effect by using complementing lighting appropriate for the event.

Staging provided by AV London is modular and can be set to the size you need. For small cameral and private fashion show few stage risers covered with skirting and matching carpet will be enough. Larger events like conference, product launch, award ceremony will require more space as the stage is a centre of attention.

We will help you to create fantastic event that everyone will be talking about. AV London is dedicated to providing creative and consistent audio visual solutions. We offer personal customer service, high quality and professional equipment together with support of our engineers. We walk you through the planning process to make sure everything will be perfect and satisfactory. If you need help with choosing AV equipment, stage for hire and do not know what will be best for you feel free to contact us. Our sales team will suggest the best solution.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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