Speakers Hire

Speakers Hire

We provide a wide range of high quality, trusted brands active speakers for hire in London. Our offer includes different PA sets suitable for various types of events. No matter if it is a conference, sporting event, product launch, fashion show or a party - we have got you covered. We can supply complete PA systems for hire for events up to few thousand guests. But apart from packages we also offer single items that will match your hire needs. We closely cooperate with British top brand: Ohm, which manufactures their gear in Manchester. Choosing the right equipment is not always easy. That's why we are here for you to help you make the right choice. We will also provide service of our skilled sound engineers. Please feel free to give us a call.

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Conference PA Systems

We offer active and passive PA sound systems for any size of speech or conference. Our setups are dedicated and tailored for each individual event. We always aim to choose the right speakers and peripheral devices to meet customers needs and deliver the best sound quality. We provide PA systems along with technical support throughout the event. Our conference PA solutions are based on Ohm cabinets.

PA for Parties, Receptions, Sporting and Music Events

We supply PA systems for various music events, including parties with DJ, music festivals and wedding receptions. Depending on size of the event we recommend various active and passive systems.

PA for Exhibitions / Fashion Shows

Dedicated, discrete PA systems for special use, such as exhibitions, fashion shows, gala dinners, elegant receptions and retail stores. Depending on size of the event we recommend various active and passive systems.

Line Array PA for Music Festivals and Large Concerts

A line array is a loudspeaker system that is made up of a number of elements mounted in a line and fed in phase, to create more evenly distributed sound output pattern. This option is perfect in terms of covering larger areas.

Monitor Speakers

Stage and DJ monitors, also called foldback, are speakers on stage or DJ booth pointing towards the performers to help them hear themselves. They are usually driven by a separate mix from the main front of house system.


Depending on many factors we may suggest various options. For small seminars and conferences small full range speakers could be enough, however it there is some music involved, subwoofers may be necessary to maintain the sound quality. For product launches, award ceremonies and gala dinners both full range speakers and subwoofers is a must. On some occasions, when the live music is performed, there may be a need for monitors speakers too. Sporting events usually involve some music jingles and to enhance the quality of the sound subwoofer is necessary. Live events would require full range speakers, subwoofers and more than likely - foldback speakers too. Monitor speakers allow performers to hear themselves without delays caused by both distance and reflexions of sound in larger spaces.

For exhibitions we recommend full range speakers and subwoofers too. Monitor speakers are not necessary unless the live music is involved. Fashion shows are usually very sublime events. Similar to award ceremonies or product launches the whole band of frequencies are necessery, therefore a set of full range speakers and subwoofers is recommended. For private events, depending on needs, we usually recommend both full range speakers and subwoofers.

To get bespoke quotation please contact us. We would need some information about your event to offer you the best tailor-made solution for your event.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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