Projectors Hire

Projectors Hire

We stock a variety of projectors for wide range of purposes. Whether you organize a small sales meeting, large conference, would like to have a home movie night or watch a football game on a big screen, we have the right equipment for you. From universal compact devices to to high resolution bright light projectors.

Projector works similarly to a TV so other equipment like DVD player or laptop can be connected. Please note the projector comes with no speakers, so if you require a sound - please let us know before the event. When hiring screen and projector you do not have to worry about anything. Our engineer will set everything up for you. He can also stay over for the time of the event (when requested) and look after the technical side. It is worth to mention that projectors need a reasonably dark room for better quality of the projection.

When hiring a projector it is important not to forget about a projection screen. The size of the screen depends on the size of audience and venue. For home use you can simply use a white matt wall, but note it does not project well on rough surfaces since even tiny bumps create shadows when the beam hits sideways.

There is one more projector that you may need. Gobo projector will allow you to display your logo or other print image/ pattern. It is very effective projector when used on business events and impressive during weddings or fashion shows.

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Projectors types (throw distance):

Considering the throw distance there are three types of projectors:

- normal-throw projectors - standard projector placed in front of the screen - projection within few metres - it requires more space, but it is perfect for business presentations, exhibitions or home use .

- short-throw projectors - projection from short distance to the screen (approx. 1m for the XGA image) - good solution for rear projections, when the projector is placed behind the screen.

- ultra-short-throw projectors - projection within around 0.5m from the screen- to be used for rear and front projections- great where the space is limited (small office, exhibits, galleries).

Projection throws - ultra short, short and normal / long projection throw comparison

Projectors types (direction of projected image):

Based on direction of the projected picture there are two types of projectors and screens:

- front projection - projector is placed in front of the screen (on the audience side). It requires up to few metres of space (depending on the throwing distance method) in front of the screen.

- rear projection - projector is placed behind the screen, so extra space behind the screen is required (depending on the throwing distance). This avoids shadows caused by a presenter and he or she will also not experience the project light in his/her eyes. As the projector is hidden the view is clear and not disturbed by any objects.

Projection throws - front-rear comparison

Normal throw projectors hire

We stock a variety of normal range projectors in different brightness levels.

Short throw projector hire

The most universal solution for small and medium spaces.

Ultra-short throw projector hire

The best solution for small spaces.

Projection screens (front & rear) hire

We offer several sizes of white screens both for front and rear projection.


Planning a large event is difficult and choosing the right equipment is not easy, but our experienced engineers and dedicated sales team will help you from start to finish. We will ask questions and suggest solutions that will guarantee a successful event.

If you are not sure what projector and screen for hire is best for you or what other equipment you would need from us, feel free contact us for advice. Our AV London’s team will suggest the best solution that suits your needs.

Depending what you are looking for we can offer a small or large package that will just be right for your event. Private event or sales meeting may require only PA system, microphones and projector, when a large conference will have to be covered with sound, lighting, stage risers with backdrop,big LED walls and engineers to be present on site. If you are not sure what you may need and do not want to worry about the technical side of your event, get in touch with us, so we can help. For larger rooms we recommend. Please get in touch with us and ask for any advice. We will do our best to match the right equipment to your event.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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