Moving Heads Hire

Moving Heads Hire

AVE Hire offers a large selection of event lighting. Our passion is in transforming venues through creative use of sound and light. Moving heads are the most popular and the most advanced lighting equipment available on the market. The most advanced fixtures can produce complex effects that make a huge difference. Their intelligence is related with using a lighting controller together with an experienced lighting engineer during the show.

Intelligent lights are used to create spectacular shows, especially with prompt changes of mood and effects. Moving heads for hire are very popular for different occasions like: product launches, award ceremonies, concerts, fashion shows, weddings or venues: theatre, church, nightclub and many more.

Intelligent lighting is universal and can be used for lighting the stage, but also as an energetic disco lighting. It can create a unique background or special effect during gala award. Our high-efficient moving heads, are precise and bright, perfect for concerts.

Moving heads are often divided into spots (profiles), wash lights and beams. They vary in use and functions, but can perfectly complement one another.

If you are not sure what moving head lighting for hire is best for you or what other equipment you would need, feel free to get in touch with us and ask for advice. Our sales team will suggest the best solution that suits your needs.

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Spot moving head hire

Also called profiles, contain features like gobo and prisms used to project chosen patterns which can be sharp in focus. Great as a leading light during stage performance or fashion show. Generally used for their beam effect (usually through smoke or haze) and the ability to project texture.

Wash moving head hire

Equipped with wider beam used for providing “wash” of colour across the stage with softer edges. As the light is diffused, it works great together with spot lights and beams.

Beam moving head hire

Generates a very focused beam of light (the radius is usually about 2 degrees). Very popular on gala / awards events

Moving heads in action

Beams (white) and wash moving heads (blue).

Beams moving heads during MMA sport event (look like light-sabres).

Spot moving heads (sharp edges, shapes clearly seen on surface).

Wash moving heads - blurry mood light effect.


If you are planning a conference, fashion show, concert, wedding or other event AV London is the company you can trust and rely on. Depending on your needs, type of the event, capabilities of the venue and other factors we can help you to create a great lighting. All the effects will impress everyone, especially when a lighting technician on site. If you need help with choosing the right AV equipment get in touch with us, so we can advice.

If you are not sure what sort of lighting you may need, do not hesitate to contact us. Site visit is always a good option before the actual event. That helps us to understand the floor plan and suggest the right equipment, such as moving lights or uplighters. We also provide speakers and microphones which may be necessary in case of large venues.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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