Microphones hire

Microphones hire

We provide audio visual services for over 10 years. That made us experts in AV industry. We only use the best reliable brands and high-quality equipment to always make sure every event is held without a hitch. Our offer includes renting and technical assistance of various types of microphones. Depending on the purpose we offer vocal and instrument microphones. We can also provide a wireless handheld, clip lapel, and headset. In our portfolio, you can find various successful events such as conferences, galas and awards, live music events, theatre and school plays and many more. We have equipped and assisted with our PA hire and speakers hire services.

The main and most important feature when looking for a microphone is to choose proper signal transmission type. The basic ones are wired microphones. If you are looking for a more handy solution then you have to check our wireless radio microphones.

We offer wireless UHF radio microphones, which are the most safe and universal solution. They operate on radio waves that can be set within a certain range. This allows to select a range that is free of interference from mobile phones or Wi-Fi networks .They are better than standard wireless microphones operating at standard frequencies. These types of microphones require some engineering knowledge therefore we highly recommend to configure them prior to the event.

We guarantee the highest quality products because we provide only well-known, high-class brands such as Shure and Sennheiser. We can provide (and recommend) technical support for events. We have more other useful products during a public speaking, please check our projectors & screens  or stage set designs  sections.

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UHF radio handheld microphones hire

This wireless microphones can be hold in a hand or placed on a stand. It has an option to regulate UHF frequency. It provides freedom of movement without cables tangling under feet.

UHF radio lapel / clip microphones hire

It’s the perfect choice for a small microphone at a conference. It has a clip which can be attached to the shirt, tie or a suite.

UHF radio headset microphones hire

It’s a perfect solution for someone who is moving and needs free hands. If you work as a salesman or as a fitness trainer then it’s an excellent microphone for you.

Handheld vocal microphones hire

It is a wired microphone, designed to be held in a hand or placed on a stand. It assures high quality of sound, so it is perfect for singers.

Instrument microphones hire

This type of microphone is designed to transmit the sound of instruments. It is mostly used by bands. It is designed to produce high-quality sound without any interferences.


The choice of the right microphone depends on character of the event: product launch, drama, sports event or any other event where the movement is involved we recommend headset microphones. Clip (lapel) or headset microphones are perfect for conferences. For singing we recommend handheld microphones. In order to connect any device to PA System it is necessary to hire a mixer too. Digital or analogue mixer allows to connect multiple devices

In order to guarantee perfect event without unpleasant surprises we always recommend professional and experienced technician on site to operate microphones, especially if there are more than one microphone or in case of any UHF radio microphones are hired. Technician will set and operate the microphones using digital mixer to reduce feedbacks and control volumes.

All equipment we provide is PAT-tested. We hold Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000), Products Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Employers' Liability Insurance (£10,000,000).

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