All live music events have to be planned and well organised in order to deliver the best experience without unpleasant surprises. Whether it is a concert, dancing competition, TV production or a conference - it is essential to have the support of an experienced sound and lighting engineers together with reliable equipment. AV London’s team can provide and operate all the equipment for your event including DJ equipment, PA system, microphones and lighting. We also provide staging and backdrop. Most of all we guarantee dedicated team’s support on the planning stage and throughout the event.

PA & Sound

This is the main key to success of every live event. Active speakers, good radio microphones, digital mixer and sound engineer on site guarantee spread evenly clear and crisp sound without any disruptions. Headsets are very popular during live shows as they are wireless, barely noticeable, elegant and allow freedom of movement. To provide best possible sound during music shows subwoofers are required to handle the lower frequencies or bass. We offer a site visit first to listen to your vision and discuss what equipment will be best for your event.


Are you thinking of live streaming video on the big screen? Our offer includes modular LED screens that can build a large-scale display. Large video screen can be used to create stunning backdrop. If you need an advice please let us know. Our staff is always happy to help.


Lighting the event is fundamental and so often overlooked. It is much more than just putting some uplighters around the room and spotlight on the performer. Intelligent lighting will add dynamic and exciting element to the show and create a visual experience that will wow your guests. Attention to detail makes the different and it is not hard to see the difference between average and extraordinary event. If you are after truly spectacular effects lighting technician in control of lights is necessary.

Set & Stage

Live events including music, theatre, dance and conference often use staging and build a scenery creating the best possible experience for the audience. The process of planning requires experienced team and a lot of imagination. The stage has to be the right size and shape for the audience, but it also has to fit in within the vision. Different solutions apply to concert, fashion show and church concert. This is why we strongly recommend a site visit to be able to choose the best option.

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Free to worship concert

Lighting installation.

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