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AV / PA & LIGHTING for Fashion Shows

Most of today’s fashion shows become theatrical events. They are well organized not only by designers but also sound and lighting experts. The fashion show is all about the experience. It is full of spontaneity, surprise and energy. A key to the success is to create a consistent show using lighting, music and space. AV London offers a site visit to listen to your ideas and visions, to see the place and advice on the best possible solutions. If you are planning a fashion show and you want to make a lasting impression, we are here for you. We do our best for your designs come to life.

PA & Sound

A fashion show without a music wouldn’t be a fashion show. It does not only provides the background and context, but also helps to make a statement. Music makes the show amazing and more enjoyable. A well- chosen playlist together with a high quality PA system will contribute the the success of the show. Wireless headset microphones hardly noticeable will provide a comfort while wearing during introduction, presentation or singing performance. They are not only stylish but they also provide a good sound quality.


This is recommended especially for a major show. Video wall in the background will complement the show without stealing it. We understand how important it is to put all the elements together and make it work together for the success of the fashion show. LED screen will definitely make the event stand out. Big screens placed on both sides of the runway will give the audience an up close view of the clothing and accessories worn by models. It can also be used to display streaming for a backstage or a chat room. TV screens can be used for advertising- possibilities are endless. If you are planning a fashion show and need advice from experts - get in touch with us.


Lighting is a power of every fashion show. It will definitely impress the audience adding a wow factor. It is extremely important to trust an experienced lighting engineer to make sure lights are located correctly and set to appropriate colours. Lingerie or wedding collection for example requires white neutral lights to not change the real colours of presented clothing. The catwalk itself also has to be highlighted right. We know what hot and cold spots are. Lighting technician in control of the special effects will tremendously contribute to the show. Especially when intelligent lighting is used.

Set & Stage

We understand the importance of the catwalk. It could be either a small one for a retail or private event or a huge for an international fashion show. Depending on your vision and budget the catwalk can have a different finish, from an ordinary rough surface to black or red carpet, to white glossy HIPS. As our stage risers are modular and can be used in different configurations giving more possibilities for the designer to showcase his collection of clothing and accessories.

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