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RCF TTS 18 A active subwoofer.png

TTS 18-A



The TS18-A is a compact, high output, bandpass subwoofer module ideal in combination with TT+ two way systems.
The TS18-A woofer features lightweight, high force, neodymium magnet assembly; 100 mm diameter, 25 mm length, inside-outside copper voice coil; silicon double spiders; water resistant treated cone; magnet assembly complex ventilation for minimum power compression. The amplifier section features 1000 watt switching power supply, 1000 watt low frequency digital amplifier.

  •  Very compact size

  •  Maximum output per size available on the market

  •  Minimum weight

  •  High power full neodymium 18" transducer

  •  1000 Watt switching amplifier

  •  XLR in/out, Powercon in/out

  •  Baltic birch cabinet

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