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The PT−571HDCP is a DGKat™ twisted−pair transmitter for DVI signals. The PT−571HDCP converts the DVI to twisted pair signal and the PT−572HDCP+ converts the twisted pair signal back to a DVI signal. The PT−571HDCP−MD is certified for medical applications.

 Max. Data Rate — 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel); WUXGA, 1920x1080p.
 Certified for Medical Applications — According to IEC 60601–1–2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility), (PT–571HDCP–MD).
 HDTV Compatible.
 HDCP Compliant.
 DGKat™ Signal Integration — Kramer’s unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables. We strongly recommend using Kramer DGKat™ cables designed specifically for optimum performance.
 System Range — Up to 90m (295ft) at SXGA, or up to 30m (98ft) at UXGA on shielded BC–DGKat524 cable. Up to 90m (295ft) at SXGA, or up to 70m (230ft) at UXGA on shielded BC–DGKat623 cable. Up to 100m (330ft) at SXGA, or up to 80m (265ft) at UXGA on shielded BC–DGKat7a23 cable.
 Cable — Requires shielded twisted pair (STP) cable. For optimum range and performance use, use Kramer’s BC–DGKat524, BC–DGKat623 and BC–DGKat7a23 cables. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used. The distance using non–Kramer CAT 5, CAT 6, and CAT 7 cables may not reach these ranges. Use only shielded cable where both ends of the shield are soldered to ground.
 EDID PassThru — Passes EDID signals between the source and display.
 Power Connect™ System — A single connection to the transmitter powers both units when the devices are within 150ft (50m) of each other.
 Ultra–Compact PicoTOOLS™ — 4 units can be rack mounted side–by–side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK–4PT rack adapter.

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