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ECLIPSE is the new LED profiler by Prolights, featurig a new level of performance in the field of ellipsoidal with LED technology. The combination of an high flux 150W COB LED with the new optical system allows ECLIPSE to performs a uniform projection, high CRI (97), and linear dimmer over the entire ramp. Available in Tungsten (3000K) and Daylight (6000K) versions, ECLIPSE is the first projector in its category offering an amazing light output and an excellent framing property with a low-consumption LED source. Design of ECLIPSE makes it fit properly in studio applications, theaters, events, architectural and in environments having limited power supplies.

• Considerable energy saving during operation
• Simplified wiring: up to 8 profilers in a daisy-chain for both power and signal connection
• No need for dimmers nor lamp replacement, LED lifespan >50.000h
• No maintenance operations, ideal when placed out of reach
• Suitable for long-lasting operations
• Cost-effective lower need for typical air-conditioned studio requirements
• Working with industry-standard accessories
• Virtually indestructible accessories and parts
• Also fitting plastic gobos, besides standard glass and metal gobos
• Constant color temperature over the whole dimming scale
• Flicker-free for cameras, TV-studios friendly
• No UV/IR emissions
• No harm installation in proximity of audience (TV, theaters) or light sensitive objects (museums)
• User-friendly LED display interface for dimming curve calibration, DMX setup and self-test
Light source and optics
• 1x150W LED
• Lumen: 6963 lm
• Lux @ 3m: 12976 lux (optics 19°), 8621 lux (optics 26°), 5875 lux (optics 36°), 3045 lux (optics 50°)
• Peak intensity: 116784 cd (19°), 77589 cd (26°), 52875 cd (36°), 27405 (50°)
• Color rendering: 96Ra
• Color Temperature:  6000K
• Available optics (not included): 19°,26°, 36°, 50°
• High-efficiency optics maximizing uniformity of projection, framing precision, color temperature stability over the entire dimming curve
• Average life LED life: >50,000 hours

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