AV / PA & LIGHTING for Conferences & Seminars

If you are looking for a professional service of experienced sound engineers and lighting technicians to support your conference, AV London is there for you. We are in AV market for over 10 years sharing our passion with people like you. We are experts not just as technicians, but also as event planners and organisers. AV London is dedicated to providing creative and consistent audio visual solutions. We guarantee personal customer service, high quality equipment and support throughout the event.

PA & Sound

One of the most important elements of every conference is sound. We always aim to choose the best kind of speakers, mixers and microphones to suit our customers’ needs, and deliver the best sound quality. We provide active and passive speakers along with all cords, radio microphones, digital and analogue mixers and technical support throughout the event.


Our offer includes three options of video content displays: LED walls, projectors and TV screens. Depending on your preference, size of the venue and your budget, we will advise you on the best available option. Please contact us for details. To read more about the above, please go into the category – LED screens/walls hire, projectors hire, TV screens hire.


Nothing sets a better mood than lighting. Using uplighters will transform any rough space into a breath-taking venue (your brand colours and logo can be used). Moving heads add dynamic to any event, and other lighting like Fresnel lights or follow spots can light-up the performer on stage. Your logo can be displayed on any surface by using a gobo projector, making it stand out. To find out more about lighting please check out other sections above: moving heads, uplighters, generic lighting, logo projectors.

Set & Stage

We provide various sizes and shapes of the stage risers. It is very important element of every conference as it allows the performer to appear more visible for the audience. Stage also helps the audience to engage with the presentation. We can cover the stage with a fine carpet of chosen colour. Our latest proposition is high gloss hips (hi impact polystyrene - HIPS), which adds the elegant finish to any stage.

Our recent projects

BGK Bank conference

White glossy finish (HIPS) stage, HD LED screen.

AV Conference

White glossy finish (HIPS) stage, HD LED screen, spot and wash moving heads, Patt decorative lighting.

NavoOrbiCo Conference

Projectors and screens, spot and wash moving heads, decorative lighting.

Coloplast Conference / Annual Awards

Projectors and screens, spot and wash lighting, mood lighting.

Estancia Group conference

White matte finish (HIPS) stage, Full HD LED screen, spot moving heads.

Conference / Annual Awards

LED screen, spot and wash lighting, mood lighting.

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